Thursday, January 19, 2012

Restful time in Haiti

We never thought we would say this but...this has been the most productive, restful week ever for us in Haiti...compared to our 80 days in Haiti back in 2012.  We have had a chance to plan out the next HLF choir for 2012-2013, move our adoption forward and rest.

Today Mikey and I took taxi motorcycles to the Epi Dor cafe for lunch.  On our way back to the guesthouse we decided to walk 2 miles for exercise.  The walk back was wonderful as we passed by hundreds of Haitians going about their daily routine. Some were students just getting out from school.  Some were women working in the market.  Others were children playing together in the street.  We were greeted with many warm smiles as we passed by. Once we returned back to the guesthouse we got an email from our attorney stating that he had got more things done on our "adoption to do list."  Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow we are heading to Ouanaminthe, Haiti, to see all of the children and staff at Danita's Children (15 of the children traveled in the first ever His Little Feet Choir in 2010-2011).  Also, while in Ouanaminthe we get to spend time with Donaldson.  He doesn't know we are coming yet.  Oh we can't wait to see that sweet little guy and spend time with precious are these moments!

Another great day in Haiti!

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  1. I'm so excited for you! The photo is just precious, it brings tears to my eyes. Praying for you on this adoption journey :)

    -Allison Peterson