Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In Haiti for our Adoption - January 2012 - Court Appointments

Mike and I arrived to Port Au Prince, Haiti today.  Two years ago we arrived to Haiti, at this same time, on much different circumstances...to help and care for children who had been affected by the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake.  Being back in Port Au Prince is so refreshing. All around us we see restoration and a world carrying on as normal, despite the two short years they have had to recover.  Yes, there are still glimpses of the earthquake: buildings still down, ruble still on the streets, and traffic as expected. But there is a new sense of living here.  God is here and moving in the hearts of His people.

We have come to Haiti this week to appear before Haitian authorities for our adoption.  Immediately after getting off the plane in Port Au Prince, our Haitian attorney was there to meet us and escort us to the Haitian Parquet offices for our interview with the Dean of the Court.  The Dean of the Court was a wonderful woman full of wisdom, discernment and excitement for our adoption.  She interviewed us for about 10 minutes and then said, "Congratulations on your adoption.  I pray for all to go well as you proceed."  Just like that, we walked out of her office to then attend 3 other meetings within the Parquet offices.  Every office we went into all of the Haitian officials welcomed us and helped our adoption case proceed.  Oh how the Lord moved on our behalf today!

A miracle that transpired: the biological mother of our little boy is very sick in Northern Haiti.  To bring her all the way to Port Au Prince would be to difficult.  The Haitian Government Commission had asked for her to be present for the court proceedings.  We explained that it was very difficult for us to bring her from Northern Haiti due to her physical condition.  We showed them a picture of her, as well as a picture above, taken back in 2009. After a few moments of questioning, as well as a phone call to the Director of IBESR, the official said that required attendance of the biological mother had been excused, due to her physical state.  This was a huge hurdle to get over and we praise God for showing us favor in this way.

After our court appointments, we headed to our favorite quick lunch spot: Epidor.  We sat down and had the attorney go over the steps left to take for the Haitian adoption side of things.  We found out that there are 14 more steps to go.  This was overwhelming, yet exciting news for us.  We still have no grasp on the length of time the last 14 steps will take, but we know that todays court appointments had to happen in order for these other 14 steps to be taken.  It is wonderfully comforting to have someone sitting next to us with knowledge and confidence in the Haitian adoption process.

Mikey said all evening, "Today was huge! Praise God" I agree and my heart is jumping for joy!


  1. Praise God!!! You two are amazing and I know God is going to continue to bless you! Just chalk it up as another victory for our Lord and I'm sure there will be more to come! Love you guys a ton. We'll be praying for you :)

  2. Rejoicing with you as you continue the amazing faith-filled journey of adoption! LOVE that pic of Mikey and Donaldson!!!

  3. Congratulations! Every step counts; praying for a speedy 14 steps ;)